Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare For Call Of Duty 2017

Is it possible that Sledgehammer Games are working on a Call of Duty title called "Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare"?

Sledgehammer Games will take the spotlight in the next several months with the announcement of their next Call of Duty title and as of yet, not much information is known. During Activision's Q4 earnings call, Activision confirmed that Call of Duty will be returning to traditional combat starting with Sledgehammer's next title, which has caused some excitement within the community. Speculations and theories have already spirled out of control, but one of them has been completely overlooked, a title simply named Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare.

In case you've been living under a rock, Sledgehammer Games previously worked on a Call of Duty title code named Fog Of War, in which was set during the Vietnam War. This third person Call of Duty title was unlike anything the Call of Duty franchise would have seen, however, the game was cancelled due to Activision calling upon Sledgehammer to assist with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The title was already well under development and according to Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield, the game already have around 15 minutes of playable gameplay. Now we're not game developers, but to us, that would mean the game was pretty far in its development stages. After all, it's obvious that in order to create a game on such an iconic war, you'd have to carry out pretty extensive research, research that the developers still have and won't want to waste.  

Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare makes sense not only for this soul purpose, but also because it ties in nicely with Activision's changed business model. Of course, several years ago, the community wanted change from the annual releases of Call of Duty titles and when that change came in the form of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the community absolutely hated it. Activision, moving forward, would use this change for the next several years and would tell all of its developers to make 3D futuristic titles from that point on. Unfortunately, when Advanced Warfare did release and all of their developers were already well in development of their respective titles, the backlash came and with it came a few rough years of Call of Duty. It seemed that despite the backlash, Activision still wanted to continue with the futuristic titles and even said that Infinity Ward plans to create a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare series, just like the team did with Modern Warfare. However, during the Q4 earnings call it seems like all this has changed. 

The change comes at the perfect time for Slegehammer Games, who will set the tone for the franchise moving forward. A Call of Duty title set during the Vietnam War will not only be a blessing to players that enjoy playing the franchise, but also a blessing to the developers. A guerrilla-typed title would completely change things up from all perspectives, enabling the developers to creatively design the perfect campaign with booby traps, IED's and more. In addition, will also change up the multiplayer side of the game, allowing players to battle it out in harsh environments with awesome new score streaks, weapons and equipment.

Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare not only makes sense from business and creativity perspectives, but the title falls in perfect with the Call of Duty branding. Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare are all titles that are instantly recognised as Call of Duty titles, and Guerrilla Warfare would also tie things in fairly nicely. 

To us, Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare makes sense, from pretty much every angle you look at it. There is a perfect market for such a title and it doesn't complete with the majority of other FPS titles that are currently on, or releasing on the market (futuristic titles). Let us know down in the comments below what you think the next Call of Duty title will be called!

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