Now you can practice CS:GO the way the pros do

Forget Deathmatch, try Duels, the new practice method that everyone's raving about!

IMG Esports has launched a new website called Boomeo, featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive training tools designed in collaboration with pro players.

Log into the site using your Steam account (don't worry, it's all done through the official API), then use the site's built-in matchmaking for "Duels" and you'll be thrown into a series of familiar one-on-one scenarios against other real players so you can practice your clutching.

Up to now, practicing stuff like that had been hard to do outside real 5v5 matches. Most people used Deathmatch, but the chances of finding a good 1v1 scenario there were limited. You were more likely to end up getting shot in the back of the head. No wonder Boomeo is trying to position Duels as "the Deathmatch Replacer".

Duels is only one of the modules - Boomeo also offers its own take on Deathmatch and Retakes, with more to come - and they've been designed with input from pros like Spencer "Hiko" Martin and Eric "Adren" Hoag, and the site boasts of collaboration with Cloud9, compLexity, CLG, G2 Esports and SK Gaming.

Dig into the site and you'll also find daily content keeping you up to date with the world of competitive Counter-Strike - everything from free guide content on how to line up wallbangs and which graphics cards to buy, to roundups of big plays and fails and whichever memes are haunting Reddit that day.

Not only that, but IMG has promised regular infusions of new training content, including statistical breakdowns and all sorts of other stuff. So if you're into CS:GO, keep your eyes on - You can check out the Boomeo Duel Trailer below:

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