Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance and Relationship Guide

The galaxy is huge so there's a lot of potential relationships and... more... to be had, so let's take a look at all the options in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally out for the fans that have been incredibly excited for the game and as with all other Mass Effect titles, Andromeda has a ton of stuff to keep you busy. That said, if you’d like to get busy in that way, you wouldn’t exactly be doing anything new in the Mass Effect universe. Getting it on has become a staple of the series so with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of everyone you can romance (to put it nicely) and how to go about doing so. Be warned, there are spoilers contained within!

General Notes

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a bit different than previous Mass Effect titles as Andromeda openly marks the flirtatious options in dialogues. How does it do this? It marks the options with a big heart unless the icons are turned off manually. However, while the map is laid out clearly, that doesn’t make it all that easy and there are often multiple steps that need to be taken to pursue a relationship. If you follow some steps incorrectly, well then you’re going to be friend-zoned in space and you won’t be able to knock boots in the vastness of space.

Does it hurt to flirt with everyone you see? Not at all, or at least not until a relationship starts to develop. Your ability to flirt around doesn’t even seem to hurt your chances with other characters either which has become an interesting side note. However, if you wish to pursue a romance with a certain character (you’re here for a reason aren’t you), then you’ll be good if you follow this simple template or guideline to your approach.

  • Introductions First: The majority of conversations you’ll have you’ll have the opportunity in most cases to throw in a wink or something small here and there.
  • Reactions to Missions: If you keep talking to the characters after the main story missions, you can add a few more hints in the conversations. This may be important for things later on down the line. You also want to make sure that you talk with characters when you leave the Nexus or are on other planets, it helps to… broaden… your horizons.
  • Loyalty to the Mission: Every squadmate has a personal mission that you can go with them on and help their characters for. If you do, chances are they will want to talk with you and get to know you a little bit further, which adds for even more time to get crackin’ on them.
  • Invitation: This is where it starts to fall in line with the whole “choose one” mentality. After missions have been completed, characters will invite you to meet up with them at a singular point in the galaxy and from there you have the chance to start a relationship. So long as you don’t commit to anyone else beforehand, things should go swimmingly and you should be on your way to having a good time.

However, with all that in mind as a basic building block for relationships, there are a few characters that don’t leave the ship or aren’t on the ship that have significant different paths for you to follow. Below is a little guide for those specific individuals and how to win them over for your own courtship.


Only a male Ryder can get set up with Cora. She’s not too fond of your father’s decision making but you can choose to ignore the jabs she makes towards you initially. If you end up flirting with her on Tempest a bit, you may have a bit of success. If you’ve done her loyalty missions, you’ll end up meeting her on Eos and assuming you haven’t taken any other partner in, you have a great shot at growing it into something.


Any female or male Ryder can stir up a relationship with PeeBee. She’s not interested in settling down when you initially come in contact with her but she’s up for a few hook ups, that’s for sure! When you talk to her in the escape pod after she joins the Tempest, drop a few hints and then a few more later on in the development, she’s usually near the back of the ship. She’s rather easy to persuade as one of the dialogue options is simply labeled as “flirting”… Seems pretty straightforward, no? Eventually, she will ask you to help her with a secret project and you’ll look for parts on Voeld. If you keep talking, she’ll email you about meeting up in the museum on Aya. The final steps of this are to meet her in the escape pod again and make the fateful choice. Whatever you decide, all you have to do is complete her loyalty mission and see where things go after that.


Liam can be romanced by a Female Ryder. His romance structure is rather simple and similar to all the rest. All you have to do is introduce yourself on the Tempest and you’ll get another not so subtle option to flirt with him. After that you’ll need to help him out with a movie night and hang out with him when he’s off ship on the Nexus and Aya. From there, you’ll just need to complete his loyalty missions which are establishing outposts. Seems simple, sure, but it’s actually a bit tedious.


Only a female Ryder can engage with this talkative character. As a result there’s a ton of different opportunities in which you can engage in flirtatious conversation. One interesting tid-bit is that where as a heart for flirting will appear, it is instead a holding hands icon which suggest you’re being friend-zoned. If you keep at it long enough though, it won’t matter. As with the others, all you’ll have to do after is complete the loyalty mission and await your email updates.


Vetra can be wooed by either a female or a male Ryder. Vetra is a family character, but she can be persuaded to be someone who enjoys the idea of a companionship… via romance, if you catch the drift. A good starting point is on the Tempest after main missions, approaching her and starting to flirt. When you get to Aya, you’ll want to find Vetra in the marketplace and give another go. If you decide to pursue, after a loyalty mission you’ll want to tell her your feelings and let her know you care while in the armory. Following suit, you’ll meet up on Kadara and if all things are right, things can be taken further via in game options.


Gil can only be approached by a male Ryder. He’s rather simple to approach as well and doesn’t need all that much persuasion in your attempts to woo him. If you flirt with him when you first meet him on the Tempest and after your landing on Aya as well as other main missions, you should be all good and ready to go. If you’re adamant on getting with Gil, a little tip is the guy loves poker so maybe play a game with him or so. If he emails you to meet on Eos, you’re bound to get lucky.


Only a female Ryder can approach Suvi. She’s a pretty straight shooter with what she likes, all you need to do is continuously flirt while talking with her. You’ll eventually be invited to take a break and it will transition into a scene in your quarters. From there, that’s where you can escalate things.

Reyes Vidal

Reyes can be wooed by either a male or female Ryder. You’ll first end up meeting Reyes on Kadara and from there you can plant the seeds of your relationship. He asks you to complete a primary task with him and you scan a dead body in the Kadara Port. From there you can meet Reyes in the nightclub in the slums to discuss the case of the murder you both looked at. From there, things will escalate.


Only a male Ryder can entice Avela. Once you go to Aya, talk with Avela immediately after your first encounter with her. She’ll be at the docks with a major opportunity to flirt. A bit later on, you can find her in the museum on Aya. If you complete the missions designated to her, you’ll have more opportunities to get something going.


Keri can be approached by either a female or a male Ryder. She’s the journalist that always wants to talk with you. It’s not saying much about your own character if you’re consistently flirting with her during the interviews she conducts but really, who cares? It’s your galaxy after all, right? However, if you’re looking to get with Keri, make sure you do all the interviews she asks and they’ll be available to you after each main story mission. You’ll want to read her emails and stop at the Nexus to chat here and there. She likes to press you, so if you get a ton of emails from her, it’s all good… She may be looking for more than an inside scoop.

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