3 Behemoths that could come to Battlefield 1

Here's 3 amazing World War 1 vehicles that could come to Battlefield 1 as behemoths

Battlefield 1 is the first Battlefield title to officially recognize these super vehicles as Behemoths but, previous Battlefield titles have included similar vehicles. The 4 behemoth vehicles currently included in Battlefield 1 are the Airship L30, the Armored Train, the Dreadnought, and the Char 2C, and it is quite likely that with future DLC and updates more Behemoths will be added as well. Here are 3 behemoths that we could very well see implemented in Battlefield 1 sometime soon!

Paris Gun

The Paris gun is one of the most notorious and iconic heavy weapons of World War 1. Classified as a super heavy field cannon, the Paris Gun was the largest artillery gun in World War 1. This monstrous cannon was able to bomb Paris from roughly 75 miles away, giving the gun its name at the time. The Paris Gun’s shells were able to reach the Stratosphere when launched, literally and physically, helping the German Empire soar to new heights during their advances.

This behemoth weighed in at an astonishing 256 tons and reached 111 feet in length and if there was ever a weapon to be given the title of a Behemoth, the Paris Gun is at the top of the contenders list. Although powerful, intimidating, and just flat out monstrous, the Paris Gun is obviously not a very mobile weapon meaning if it were to ever be implemented into Battlefield 1, it would like be a stationary behemoth able to be controlled by either force on the map. It is safe to say however, whichever side did take control of the Paris Gun would certainly have a massive advantage finishing out the match. Nearing the end of World War 1, all known creations of the Paris Gun were destroyed by the Germans themselves, likely hoping no opposing forces would harness the sheer power of the weapon. If the Paris Gun does make its way into Battlefield 1, and you happen to be on the opposite side of its controller, you’ll want to focus all attention on taking out this true behemoth before it’s too late.

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