Gaming Insider Confirms Call of Duty: World War 2

Big name gaming insider and extremely reliable source, Shinobi, has just added more proof that this year’s Call of Duty will indeed be World War 2.

Shinobi602, otherwise known as simply, Shinobi, on Twitter is a gaming insider that has repeatedly released details on upcoming Call of Duty titles that have all come out to be true, and this year is no different. Earlier today, Shinobi tweeted “Since I've been asked about Call of Duty dozens of times & it's already out there honestly:” followed by a GIF of a man nodding yes.

This tweet all but officially confirms that Call of Duty 2017 will be World War 2. Shinobi later went on to tweet some answers at a few questioning followers of his stating that he’s certain the game will feature a World War 2 setting but the official title of the game has not been released to him. So although we can’t 100% confirm the authenticity of the title “Call of Duty: World War 2” other factors are pointing to that rumor being legitimate as well.

As we stated earlier, Shinobi has been a leading source for early-access Call of Duty intel for many years past including Infinite Warfare last year. Around this time last year, he tweeted saying that Call of Duty 2016, which would obviously turn out to be Infinite Warfare, would be set in a space setting and be highly futuristic. Of course, he was spot on with that leak, which means this year shouldn’t be much different. Call of Duty 2017, whether it is officially titled World War 2 or not will have a World War 2 themed setting.

Adding on to our other already confirmed information, we now know that Call of Duty 2017 will feature a World War 2 setting, a boots on the ground combat system, and have other features “returning to their roots” as Activision stated earlier this year. 2017 seems to be looking like a pretty solid year for Call of Duty, and as each day passes, it seems more and more information is being released to the public. It should only be a short time now until we get our official confirmation of Call of Duty: World War 2 from Activision or Sledgehammer themselves, and following that, an official reveal trailer.

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