Call of Duty: World War 2 was right in front of us since Advanced Warfare!

Sledgehammer Games has been teasing Call of Duty 2017, Call of Duty: World War 2 this whole time.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 48 hours you’ll most likely know that Call of Duty 2017 was leaked, the leak still hasn’t been confirmed or debunked which means that the leak keeps getting more credible/real. If the leak is real, Call of Duty 2017/WW2 will be the first WW2 Call of Duty in eight years. Every year the current Call of Duty developer tease the upcoming games by tweeting some hints or by sharing some stories about the game’s setting but this year is completely different, we believe that Sledgehammer Games has been teasing Call of Duty: WW2 since Advanced Warfare, here’s why.

The first reason why is Michael Condrey’s twitter bio back in April 11, 2016. Condrey’s bio seems normal until ‘’Call of Duty MW3, AW & ####,’’ if you didn’t know already, Sledgehammer Games have been working on MW3 and AW meaning ‘’####’’ is their next title. The next question is what could ‘’####’’ possibly mean? We believe it means WWII.

The second reason is the hints from Sledgehammer Games during Advanced Warfare. Advanced Warfare was the first Call of Duty to add Supply Drop DLC weapons and looking back to four of those DLC weapons makes us think it was a hint all this time. The four DLC weapons are the STG-44, the MP40, the M1 Garand and the M1911, these are all weapons that were used in WW2. This might just be a far-fetchedtheory but it still makes sense even though they didn’t only add WW2 DLC weapons in Advanced Warfare.

Only about an hour ago Shinobi602 confirmed Call of Duty 2017’s setting to be World War 2 on twitter by saying: ‘’Since I've been asked about Call of Duty dozens of times & it's already out there honestly.’’ If you’re wondering Shinobi602 is an credible source so we’re almost 100% sure that Call of Duty 2017 is going to be a World War 2 Call of Duty, Call of Duty: WW2.


This could also mean that those hints from Sledgehammer Games actually were true but only time will tell, hopefully.

Let us know down below if you think these were hints by Sledgehammer Games and stay tuned on LevelCamp for more Call of Duty 2017: WW2 news and information!

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