Is This Infinite Warfare DLC 2's Release Date?

Infinite Warfare has its next DLC installment coming soon, but just when can we expect Infinite Warfare DLC 2?

Infinite Warfare may not be the life of the party for a lot of people, but DLC is always something to look forward to in a game and as we look at the calendar, Infinite Warfare DLC 2 is fast approaching it’s expected due date. With that said, however, there is no set announcement that has happened just yet to give us a firm date. Let’s examine when Infinite Warfare DLC 2 could be launching within the next month because it may be a lot sooner than you may think!

The first thing to note is that this will be directly tied to PlayStation 4 users, Xbox One and PC users will end up getting the DLC (as always since PlayStation took over the licensing rights for Call of Duty) thirty days after PlayStation fans have gotten their fill. While this may be a little bit of an annoyance and perhaps even a deterrent, we promise that it is still something that can be of useful information because if you know the base date for DLC on one system, simple math will deduce another date for the other consoles.

Enough chit-chat. When is DLC 2 going to release? Perhaps the best educated guess would be Tuesday, April 18th. It’d be fairly easy to deduce when this will be coming by a few different steps, so before we dismiss this as a crackpot theory, let’s talk about how we can get to that magic date on the calendar because there’s actually two different ways. The first way is really all dependent upon where we get an announcement. As it stands currently, there is a scheduled livestream for Infinite Warfare being held at the Infinity Ward studio later in the evening. There’s some speculation and theory that this is where DLC 2 will be revealed to the world and we’ll get our first little look in at DLC 2 along with a release date. While that’s just simple guessing, it’s still rather possible that it could happen. If it were to happen, we can take a look at the calendar and guess that it would fall within the usual two to three week window from announcement to launch that DLC usually sees.

However, by following that logic, it gives us the dates (and yes, plural) of either April 11th or April 18th. This is where the secondary theory comes into play and really starts to play with a more solid number of deduction. Two weeks. That’s the magic time frame that after examining most reveal terms, there’s usually a two week interval between items that are released or revealed within the Call of Duty world. Two weeks is a great period of time to allow hype to build and for something to ride off into the sunset after it’s been released. Activision and Call of Duty follow this nearly to the T and have done so even as recently as the most recent weapon updates to Modern Warfare Remastered, Infinite Warfare, and Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 as well as Modern Warfare Remastered ended up getting new weapons but to save a content overload, Infinite Warfare’s DLC was held for another two weeks to the date. That example aside, they do use it quite often on a two week rotation.

But what is two weeks away from the DLC 2 release date? That would just so happen to be the Call of Duty 2017, possibly confirmed as Call of Duty: WWII, reveal date and when we can end up getting a reveal trailer showcased with either story info, gameplay, and anything else we can imagine up. Essentially, anything past the first week of May would be holding the reveal too long for Call of Duty 2017. There’s been a laundry list of reveals that have happened on May 1st and the only teaser/reveal that we saw early into any other month was Black Ops 2 which first had a teaser in early April of 2015. But the reveal date to keep in mind is May 2nd; so what is two weeks before May 2nd? That would bring you back to our magic number of Tuesday April 18th, thus narrowing down our two dates we had for potential choices.

All that explanation and math aside, that looks like the stable date for when we can see DLC 2 coming out for Infinite Warfare. Whether or not you’re too big a fan of Infinite Warfare or not, seeing the release of DLC 2 is always a good thing as we’ll end up getting new content, another awesome zombies experience and oh so much more time to spend playing the game. We’ll make sure to keep you posted with anything that surfaces around the Infinite Warfare DLC 2 ideology. Keep your eyes peeled to the Infinite Warfare livestream being hosted by Infinity Ward! It may confirm our suspicions!

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