Xbox's Project Scorpio To Be Revealed Thursday

After countless rumors, an official announcement has been made regarding Xbox's Project Scorpio and its reveal.

Last year during E3, Microsoft revealed it's "most powerful console ever", Project Scorpio. Although Microsoft ended E3 with a bang, we've heard pretty much nothing in regards to the console apart from occasional rumors online, leaving us wondering on essential bits of information including its release date, price and specs.

How though, it seems like the long-awaited reveal is just around the corner. Eurogamer has Tweeted that its Digital Foundry segment will be hosting an exclsuive reveal of Xbox Scorpio this Thrusday at 2 PM UK time and 6 AM Pacific. 

Although details are few and far between for the moment, it looks as though we could finally be gettingd details on what the Xbox Scorpio has to offer. We may not be getting key information about the release date and price, as they're most likely to be revealed during E3, but we could have some light shed on its specifications. In fact, with the tweet containing an image of Xbox Scorpio's CPU, it's very likely that a spec breakdown is coming that's to Digital Foundry's expertise in hardware breakdowns.

What are you hoping to hear about Xbox Scorpio? Let us know down below! 

The reveal will take place this Thursday, at 2 PM UK time / 6 AM Pacific time.

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