Xbox One's First Play Anywhere Game, Recore, Now Available

Buy it on your Xbox One and play it on Windows 10 PC

Excitement for Recore was building from the moment it was revealed at E3 2015 as a sandy, post-apocalyptic survival game. With fabled creators like Comcept and Amature Studio behind the helm, the new IP was in good hands. It was also shaping up to be a strong entry into Xbox’s new Play Anywhere program.

The Play Anywhere program allows gamers to purchase a game once and play it anywhere, although, “anywhere” means either on your Xbox One or on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. The appeal of this is huge, being able to save your game on your Xbox One then jump on a plane and boot up the same game save on your laptop means no more starting again or having to play a different game when all you want to do is play that shiny new release. The only limitation is that the game must be the digital copy, which could mean you spend a few extra dollars for the benefit of this cross-system play.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Xbox’s first foray into their Play Anywhere program comes in the form of Recore, a game currently bogged down with technical difficulties and gameplay that doesn’t quite live up to expectations. In terms of first examples of what a new program can do, Recore isn’t one you want to use. Thankfully, there are a host of other games coming to the Play Anywhere program that look extremely promising, such as the 1930’s cartoon style Cuphead, Rare’s new pirate-IP Sea of Thieves, or even Xbox’s killer franchise, Gears of War.

The Play Anywhere program is an excellent feature, especially in this day-and-age where being able to immediately access your media and content is expected. As a secondary effect, Play Anywhere might help path the way for more cross-platform content. Even though PC players have an advantage with keyboard and mouse setups, it’s still nice to be able to share experiences with gamers, even if they are on another platform.

Sam Chandler

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