Where to Find a Wrench in H1Z1

You're more likely to find a new vehicle than a Wrench, so we took it upon ourselves to map it out for you.

This guide will show players where to find a Wrench in H1Z1: Just Survive, an item that is currently the most sought after in the game.

To prevent vehicle hoarding on PvE servers in H1Z1: Just Survive, the Daybreak Game Company has made some changes to how quickly vehicles deteriorate and explode. They’ve also made Wrenches, an item in the game that can repair a damaged vehicle, very rare. For this reason, and the fact that players cannot craft a Wrench, those who wish to keep a vehicle for more than 24 hours must spend a large portion of their in-game time searching for this valuable tool.

Wrenches are only found in certain locations, and the chance that they’ll spawn is quite rare. For this reason, it’s important to know where to find a Wrench, and how to cycle the loot in those locations.

How to Cycle Loot

Cycling loot involved picking items up an dropping them again.
Cycling loot involves picking items up an dropping them again.

Often times, survivors will enter a building or area that a Wrench can spawn and not find one. Instead, they might find Hammers, Demolition Hammers, a Combat Knife, etc. When this happens, it’s important to pick up all of the loot in that area, carry it a short distance away, and drop what you don’t want. This will force the game to respawn new items in that location a few minutes later. If you’re lucky, your Wrench will be among them.

If you enter a building or area where a Wrench could be found, see a bunch of random loot, and leave the area without cycling it, nothing new will spawn. Those items will sit there until someone shows up and cycles them. If there wasn’t a Wrench, there still won’t be one when you get back. The game only spawns fresh items once the older ones are gone.

Wrench Location - Military Base

This military tent is a popular place for players to look for a Wrench.
This military tent is a popular place for players to look for a Wrench.

Players will find the Military Base on the west side of the map, just south from the Hospital. If you’re on your way there from Pleasant Valley, head northwest and you’ll bump into it. It’s very difficult to miss.

Once you arrive, look for an entrance on the east side. Just inside that entrance is a tent that commonly contains tools and car parts. This is one of the locations in the base that a Wrench can spawn, something we have personally verified.

Just north of the tent that we discussed a moment ago you can find a shooting range. Wrenches can spawn on the tables and the ground around them.

Wrench Location - Cabins

Any cabin that looks like this one can contain a Wrench in it.
Any cabin that looks like this one can have a Wrench in it.

The most popular place to get a Wrench is in the cabins that are littered around the map. We’re talking about the style that you’ll find near the Opfer Wilderness Camp. These aren’t the only cabins that can contain a Wrench, but they all have the same appearance and layout. Any cabin that matches the style of the ones we spoke of can contain a Wrench, no matter where on the map it’s located.

It’s important that you search every inch of the cabin, paying special attention to the stove by the door and the table between the toilet and sink in the bathroom. Remember to cycle the loot, and then move on to the next one. Not sure where the next one is? No worries, we’ve marked the in-game map with a few Wrench images to show you where to look.

We've marked the in-game map with cabin locations that players can search for a Wrench.
We've marked the in-game map with cabin locations that players can search for a Wrench.

When viewing our Wrench map, please note that in some cases there are more cabins in an area than we have Wrench icons on the map. This is simply a spacing issue. As an example, the Opfer Wilderness Camp has 13 cabins that you can search, but we’ve only put a few Wrenches on the map. Where Avrham Highway turns to Misty Loop, there are five cabins, but we’ve only used one Wrench to show their location. We’re just trying to get you there so that you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

There are other houses that can contain wrenches, but we’ve decided to stick to the cabins for now. If you cycle the loot and develop good routes, you should have a stockpile of Wrenches. Just don’t be a jerk and stash four vehicles in your base. This sort of behavior is what got us here, so keep one vehicle for yourself and set the rest free.

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