Sign-up for the GWENT 'Kill the Servers' Stress Test Event

Apply to join the upcoming Gwent stress test events on PC.

Earlier this week, the Gwent team at CD Projekt Red sent out a mass email regarding their upcoming server stress test for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Fans who were interested in signing up were told to keep an eye on the Gwent social media pages for details, and today, those details went live. 

The goal of Gwent’s “Kill the Servers!” stress test is clear. In their own words, the Gwent team wants players to “blow out some fuses in the server rooms” in order to “see how everything reacts to a lot of gamers banging at the doors.” 

The server stress tests will take place on two separate days, and is only on PC. The first stress test event will take place this Friday, September 23rd from 5pm to 9pm CEST. The second event is on Tuesday, September 27th from 8pm to 12am CEST.

Only players who have already signed up for the Gwent Closed Beta can apply for the stress test event. If you’re one of these dedicated few, then head over to the “Kill the Servers!” page on the Play Gwent website to apply for an event key. Keep in mind that participation in the stress test does not grant access to the closed beta. Keys for the stress test event are limited, and are distributed on a first come, first served basis. 

Upon successfully applying for the stress test, the Gwent setup client will become available. After logging into your account and installing the game, the special Kill the Servers! Edition of Gwent should appear on your GOG library shelf. The game will be automatically removed once the stress test event periods conclude. 

Deck building will not be enabled, so there’s no need to worry about personal save progress or data wipes. This test is to purely see whether we can push their servers to the limit. 

This is the first real chance for die-hard Gwent fans to experience the new standalone Gwent game and take part in its development.  Space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible if you’re interested!

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