The Witcher 3: How to Get the Aerondight Sword

Prove the five virtues and get the Aerondight sword in Blood and Wine.

The Aerondight sword is arguable the best silver sword available in Blood and Wine. This guide will briefly explain how you can obtain this sword for yourself. This sword becomes available during a side quest in Toussaint, so you must have the Blood and Wine expansion installed with The Witcher 3 in order to get it.   

The Aerondight has a special charge ability that increases its damage output. Charges are generated by successfully landing attacks on enemies with the sword. Critical damage is generated when the Aerondight reaches full charge, and the charge will diminish over time when outside of combat. When the player kills an enemy with a fully-charged Aerondight, the sword permanently gains power based on the player’s character level for Geralt. The sword essentially improves as the player gains levels, as long as it is being charged up and the player is achieving lethal blows. 

The Aerondight sword is earned by completing a side quest called There Can Only Be one. This quest can be found by speaking to the hermit who resides at the lake to the west of Corvo Bianco vineyard in Toussaint. The hermit explains that the sword is only available to someone who can prove that they possess the Five Chivalric Virtues, which are detailed on the nearby stone tablets. 

The five virtues are: Generosity, Compassion, Honor, Valor, and Wisdom. Proving the chivalric virtues involves making the most honorable choices while in Toussaint. Certain quests decisions are tied to these virtues, and it’s up to the player to make the right choices and prove they are worthy to wield the Aerondight. 

Each chivalric virtue can be proven in multiple ways. For example, if you make the not-so-chivalric choice during the Beast of Toussaint, you will have another chance to make the right choice in a side quest later. We have detailed the various quests and outcomes that will count towards the five virtues in the list below. 

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive of all the ways to fulfill the virtues. These are only examples that we are fairly sure about, and there may be other ways to prove the virtues that aren’t listed here.


  • During the Beast of Toussaint main story quest, you can fulfill the Compassion virtue by choosing not to kill the shaelmaar, sparing its life.
  • In the side quest titled Big Game Hunter, show compassion to the panthers by not harming them. Continue through the quest, and during a side conversation with the hunters, select the dialogue option “New life?” to inquire about the Count. Near the end, accept the Count’s invitation to the exhibition, and show up at the event at the appropriate time to show your Compassion.


  • Once you complete the Blood Run main quest in Blood and Wine, you will be approached by a child in Beauclair who was sent to deliver you a letter. Select the dialogue option to tip the child five crowns to show your generosity.
  • In a side quest called, “A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man,” agree to purchase Geralt’s painting at the end of the quest.


  • Begin the “Warble of a Smitten Knight” side quest by speaking to Guillaume in the medical tent at the Tourney Grounds. Proceed through the quest. When you are approached for a duel, accept and win the duel to prove your honor and fulfil the chivalric virtue. 
  • Begin the side quest “Till Death Do Us Part.” Investigate the cemetery and resolve the issue with the quarreling couple. When you return to the quest giver in the tavern, tell him the problem was simply a marital spat.


  • Part way into the “Warble of a Smitten Knight” quest, agree to finish the Tourney rather than backing down. You may have to actually win the Tourney as well to fulfill the Valor virtue, so keep that in mind when completing this quest.
  • Look for a snoozing knight in a small tent to the north of Beauclair. Speak to the knight to begin the quest titled “Feet as Cold as Ice.” At the end of the quest, tell the knight that he should take the trophy, not you.


  • In the quest titled “La Cage Au Fou,” proceed to examine the creature’s lair. While hiding in the closet, choose to help lift the curse on the creature. 
  • In the side quest “Father Knows Worst,” choose not to fight and go for the peaceful route.

Obtain the Aerondight Sword

Once you have completed all five Chivalric Virtues, return to the hermit at the lake for judgement. Your final task is to battle the hermit atop the lake. He will blast you with strong water attacks, so come prepared. When the hermit is defeated, you will be given the Aerondight sword by none other than the Lady of the Lake. Don’t lose it this time, Geralt!

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