Campo Santo is Working on a Firewatch Film

Campo Santo and Good Universe are teaming up to create a Firewatch film.

Campo Santo, the independent game developers who released Firewatch earlier this year, are joining forces with film company Good Universe to create content related to video games and films alike. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two companies “will create a home for talent to develop projects that can bridge both the video game and feature film worlds.” 

Their first collaborative project is a feature-length film adaptation of Campo Santo’s noteworthy video game Firewatch, which was released in February 2016. Firewatch conveys an intriguing narrative about an emotionally fragile, middle-aged man named Henry, who signs up to patrol the Wyoming wilderness as a fire lookout hoping to escape his troubles.  The game features quality voice acting performances from Mad Men’s Rick Sommer, as well as Cissy Jones from The Walking Dead. Although these actors would likely be capable of playing the roles of their Firewatch counterparts on the big screen, a cast for the upcoming film project has not yet been announced. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sean Vanaman, the founder of Campo Santo, was enthusiastic about teaming up with Good Universe. “It’s rare you meet another group that shares so many of your values and makes the process of creating things even more exciting,” said Vanaman on the new partnership. Likewise, Joe Drake, co-founder of Good Universe, described the Campo Santo team as having “beguiling storytelling and amazing creative instincts.” 

We’re inclined to agree with Drake. The developers at Campo Santo have proven to be highly skilled when it comes to creating a captivating story with convincing dialogue. Firewatch is worth playing for its narrative alone, so we can only imagine what a feature-length film adaptation would entail. There’s no release date for the Firewatch film just yet, but we’ll be sure to stay on the lookout for any details regarding this project.

Larryn Bell

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