Destiny 2 Rumored to Release on PC in 2017

Unofficial reports are coming in that Destiny 2 will launch on PC, in addition to the PS4 and Xbox One.

You can relax, Guardians, because it appears that Bungie’s plans for a 2017 release of Destiny 2 also include giving the PC crowd some love. The much anticipated sequel to Destiny, a game that we have more than 30 days of play time into between three characters, is rumored to be making its way to PC.

While players have remained skeptical that Bungie would bring Destiny 2 to PC, the move makes a lot of sense given that they’ve recently cut off those who can’t stop living in the past with their dusty PS3’s and Xbox 360’s. We’re kidding, of course. We love the retro crowd, but it’s logical to think that eliminating the need to focus on the PS3 and Xbox 360 would open up space to bring Destiny 2 to the PC.

Imagine how good our Hunter would look on PC!
Imagine how good our Hunter would look on PC!

A move to PC would look to be all upside for Bungie and those wanting to try it on a more powerful platform, even from the most basic perspectives, such as graphics. While Destiny is a good looking game, good looking on the Xbox One or PS4 is often considered terrible to those with a powerful gaming PC. Plus, there are the frames. Think of all those frames that you don’t have now. Oh, and the field of view. We can’t forget about the field of view.

You get the idea. Destiny on the PC, while certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, will most certainly scratch an itch that consoles just can’t reach, even if it is for a smaller crowd.

We’ve yet to hear any official word from Bungie on the matter, so at this point we’re just going off what others have heard and reported previously. If that changes, however, we’ll be sure to update this story with new details, and GIFs of people celebrating.

Source: Kotaku

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