Watch the Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign Trailer

The single player campaign for BF1 is looking as cinematic as ever.

Battlefield 1 is less than a month away, so the developers at DICE have released an official trailer for the single player campaign for players to enjoy in the meantime. Multiplayer has been the primary focus up until this point, as it has proven to be the more popular aspect of the Battlefield series of games.  However, judging by the trailer, it seems that fans will be in for a very cinematic single player experience.   

For a game that takes place during one of the most iconic and harrowing wars of our time, one would expect the trailer to be a bit more brutal. Instead, we are shown a trailer that shows a much more narrative-heavy campaign. While there are a number of voilent war scenes throughout the trailer, there's also no shortage of emotional dialogue or facial-close ups as well.

According to a blog post on the Battlefield website, Battlefield 1 will feature what DICE refers to as “War Stories,” which are “personal stories focusing on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills.” These are basically like narrative vignettes that illustrate the lives of multiple characters, rather than focusing on details of a single protagonist or even the battle itself.   

DICE’s emphasis on character perspectives allows them to have a bit more creative freedom when it comes to crafting the single player campaign, while also allowing for a campaign that has more “immersion and variety.” The campaigns of previous Battlefield games typically took players though the experiences of a single protagonist from a first-person perspective.  According to DICE, this approach turned out to be less immersive than showing the character's experience from multiple cinematic viewpoints. Battlefield 1 will “invoke classic cinematics” to convey its story and entice players into the narrative by allowing players to see the many facets of war. 

Along with fictional characters, actual historical figures from the real world will be featured in Battlefield 1 as well, such as Lawrence of Arabia. At some point during the campaign, players take on the role of an Arab rebel who appears to be “Lawrence’s right hand.” 

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Let us know what your favorite part of the single player campaign trailer is!

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