Tool-Assisted Super Mario 64 Speedrun Smashes Sub-5 Minute Record

Sometimes getting 120 Stars isn’t the only goal 

In an incredible display of glitches, tricks, skips, and other terms I don’t yet understand, a whole crew of Mario 64 speedrunners have managed to do the once unthinkable and completely obliterated the previous World Record for the Tool-Assisted Speedrun, clocking in a final time of 4:21.67. This new record has beaten the previous record by an astounding 39.10 seconds. In terms of speedrunning, an improvement of nearly 40 seconds is unheard of with improvements to runs typically shaving off a few seconds at most. The players behind the new record, Tyler Kehne, MKDasher, sonicpacker, Snark, SilentSlayers, Gaehne D, Eru, and ToT, have put in some serious work to make this happen.

For those not in the know, there are several different forms of speedruns.The two main categories on a larger scale are human speedruns, where a real-life, flesh and blood person performs the run, and a TAS or Tool-Assisted Speedrun where a computer performs the run. A Tool-Assisted run requires a player to input commands one frame at a time, which the program then performs on the console in real-time. Creating this one-frame-at-a-time run often takes months of arduous work and an intimate knowledge of how to perform the given glitches.

Over on, the team behind the speedrun are in the middle of creating an impressive write-up detailing their goals, methods, and everything else that went into achieving this herculean task. If you want more information on how it is performed, it’s worth the read as they go into the details about why the Japanese version of the game is used as opposed to the US version, as well as breaking down a lot of the smaller time-saves they were able to perform.

With a primary goal of finishing the game as fast as possible, speedrunning is a feat you either understand or can barely wrap your head around. Either way, this TAS Super Mario 64 run broke my childhood.

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