ELEAGUE to host the next CSGO Major

The bomb has been planted.

The next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship will be hosted by ELEAGUE, organisers announced this week, and will take place January 22-29 in Atlanta.

The ELEAGUE Major will see eight top teams from the previous Major ("Legends") invited to take on eight more ("Challengers"), who will earn their place through a qualification round taking place December 15-18, also in Atlanta. (Advice to visiting pros: check out the Coca-Cola museum, it's pretty cool and will help you get over how much the airport sucks.)

Apparently the Grand Final (Jan 29) will be simulcast on TBS in the States and on "Twitch", which is some sort of internet streaming site. (Never heard of it, must be new.) The qualifiers and other rounds will all be on Twitch as well.

This is all good news for Counter-Strike fans, then, since they rarely get to see professional play broadcast live on the internet (lulz) and, more seriously, because ELEAGUE's production values are pretty epic and should make for a good spectacle.

And, of course, if all this excitement is too much hype for you and you need a release before the next Major, you could always watch... ELEAGUE Season 2, which starts on October 21 and will see the likes of Navi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Immortals and many others compete to take the crown won by Virtua.pro in the first season earlier this year.

Tom Bramwell

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