OGN launching Overwatch pro league

With English-language casting from fan faves DoA and MonteCristo.

Will Overwatch make it as an esport? Or will it all go a bit Heroes of the Storm? For now the signs are promising - there's been decent interest in the Overwatch Open, run by the ELEAGUE crew, Blizzard is hosting the Overwatch World Cup during BlizzCon, and now Korean veterans CJ E&M and OGN have announced their own 28-team league, Overwatch APEX, to run for the rest of the year.

Run out of South Korea, ESPN reports that the Overwatch APEX will feature a 16-team pro division and a second tier of 12 "Challenger" teams. 12 of the pro teams will be South Korean, determined by online/offline qualifiers, while the other four will be international teams invited over from Europe and North America. (My OW clan, 420noscopelolface, has yet to receive an invite, so perhaps these haven't gone out yet.)

Those watching in English will also be delighted/appalled (delete as applicable) to learn that OGN's English broadcast team, including Erik "DoA" Lonnquist and Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, will be doing the same job for Overwatch APEX, which is the reason why those guys aren't over in the States casting the League of Legends World Championship. (Well, I mean it's one reason. There may have been some other stuff...)

Tom Bramwell

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